Emergency Service

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Emergency Procedure
1. You may not require an emergency service call if you can bypass the water treatment equipment yourself. Visit our Softener Bypass page to learn more.
2. If you still require emergency service during regular business hours, please contact our emergency service number: (507) 388-2971
Please note that emergency service rates for Customer OWNED or RENTAL equipment are as follows:
  • Our regular service call rate times 1.5. This rate applies to all emergency calls.
  • Parts are chargeable for all Customer owned equipment.
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What Clients Say
Dont have to walk thru a grocery store with my jugs. Just drive up & its 14 cents cheaper a gallon than where I get it in Lake Crystal. The only down side is if you just want to fill an off size bottle there's waste because it's in gallon increments only.
Culligan Customer
J Wurmnest
- Culligan Customer