The City of Marshall is offering up to $700 rebates to reduce chloride usage. Learn more about the Water Softener Rebate Program!

Chloride Reduction

Help us help the environment
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Maximize your softener while protecting our waterways!
Culligan is committed to protecting the environment in our local community. The salt we put on streets, parking lots, and sidewalks during winter washes into our lakes and streams and the salt from water softeners could end up there too. We encourage everyone to get an annual inspection on their water softener to ensure that it's working properly.
If you haven't had your annual maintenance appointment yet, now's the time to book with your local Culligan Water expert! We will recalibrate your water softener and get it running smoothly, no matter the brand. Save water, energy and salt when we check and adjust your water softener! Plus, reduce chloride discharge by up to 27%!
Did You Know:
  • Existing water softeners can be tuned up to significantly improve their efficiencies
  • Improving your softener's efficiency can help protect fish and plants in our lakes and streams
  • Checking the water level and salt bridging increases salt efficiency
  • Selecting the right type of salt ensures that your water softener is working properly
  • Adjusting the salt dosage and water hardness level saves you money
  • Results will benefit our waterways and save rate payers money
  • Inspecting the regeneration frequency decreases waste
Ask us about our Salt n Service program. We provide a complimentary Inspect & Check with each salt delivery to make sure your water softener is performing at peak efficiency!
Even better - consider installing a new Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener. We offer the world's most efficient water softener to benefit you and the environment. The same study found that upgrading your softener with a higher efficiency model can cut chloride contributions nearly in half.
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